Love & Lullabies- How To Get Your Newborn To Stop Crying & Get More Sleep

How To Get Your Newborn To Stop Crying & Get More Sleep

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This manual is intended for first time caregivers. 

Have you been struggling with the fourth trimester? Do you find you're spending a lot of time anxious, worried and stressed because you can't seem to calm your newborn down? Are you tired? Are you well on your way to sleep deprivation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guide is for you.

This guide not only covers the basics that you already tried but will cover other possible reasons why your baby is hard to settle. This guide will also get you MORE sleep now and will set you up for future success for when your baby is old enough to formally sleep train.

This guide is written with a new caregivers time in mind so you will find research and information condensed into a quick, easy ready so you can quickly change your fussy baby into a happy one.

Please note that once purchased you will have unlimited access to this file and it can be shared with one other person (spouse, nanny, MIL, etc). This file has been encrypted to prevent illegal sharing.